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This page answers the questions we hear most frequently. Feel free to contact Paige if there are questions which are not answered here, or for more information.

If I decide not to show my dog for some reason after making arrangements with you to present him/her at the show, am I still obligated to pay you?

You may cancel arrangements at any time before the closing of the show. Once the show has closed, however, you are obligated to pay handling fees and your share of expenses. This is because once the show closes, I cannot replace your dog with another.

Do I have to pay expenses if my dog meets you at ringside?

Expenses are split among all dogs shown, whether traveling with me or picked up ringside. It is only fair for all dogs to share in the expenses for being at the shows. It would not be fair to ask the owner(s) of the traveling dogs to bear the expense of getting me there for ringside dogs. I make every effort to keep expenses reasonable, and to a minimum for my clients.

Who will show my dog in the event of a conflict?

In the event of any sort of conflict, I will select a capable professional handler to step in and present your dog. This is a courtesy that professional handlers extend to one another because sooner or later, all of us have conflicts and want to take care of our clients as professionally as possible. It is in everyone's best interest to insure that our dogs are well presented.

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